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Whether you have been in church for a long time or this is your first time coming to church, it can be hard to visit a church for the first time.  You probably have a lot of questions about what it is like to come to church at Tabernacle Baptist Church, and would like to know what to expect.  Here is some information that may help:

What time are the services and on campus small groups?

Sunday morning worship is at 10:30am. Sunday morning on campus small groups are offered at 9:00am.  On Wednesday evening, all classes begin at 6:00pm.  We encourage you to come about 15 minutes early, especially if you have young children so you can check them in prior to the service or classes. On Wednesdays at 5:00pm you can also enjoy a free meal served in our gym on the north side of the building.

What is Sunday morning worship music like?

We believe music is just one of many ways we can worship together.  Music ranges from traditional hymns to current worship songs.  We believe the Bible calls us to sing and give praise to the Lord.  Our worship is joyful, celebrative, meditative and God-centered.  We utilize different styles of worship, but keep a unified focus on the truth of God’s word.

What are the messages like?

We place a high priority on faithfully preaching the Word of God.  This takes the form of verse-by-verse preaching through books of the Bible and topical series.

What is expected on the first visit?

First of all, we would be thrilled to have you join us for worship at Tabernacle.  We don’t want to embarrass you in any way.  If you would like more information about the church, you may fill out the connect card, you will find in the back of the pew, and either place it in the offering bag or take it to Guest Services in the lobby and receive a gift.  If you would like to just come and visit to experience a worship service at Tabernacle, you can do that as well.

How should I dress?

We want you to be comfortable when you come to worship at TBC.  At TBC, you will see people wearing jeans and t-shirt, some in suits and ties and everything in between.  We encourage people to wear what makes them comfortable.

What is available for my kids?

We have several opportunities from birth to high school for your children to meet and learn about Jesus.  Visit the pages in the family menu for more information.