Tabernacle Baptist Church is saddened by the reports of pastoral abuse that are being reported by multiple news outlets that involve a former Senior Pastor of our church.  Wesley Feltner served as Senior Pastor at Tabernacle Baptist Church from August 2008 to November 2013.

The hiring process of Pastor Feltner in 2008 included third-party criminal background checks and due diligence was used in exploring his moral character through given references with no improprieties being found. Also, our personnel team has no knowledge of any allegations brought against him during his tenure as pastor. 
The leadership of TBC takes abuse of any kind very seriously. We want to help those who have been involved in situations that are damaging physically, emotionally, or sexually. Because of this we have set up an internal hotline for members and attenders of TBC. This hotline will connect people with a female chaplain that can walk them through their situation and assist them to receive the help that they need. 
The leadership of TBC has asked our congregation to specifically pray for all individuals involved in this situation, including the two ladies named in the article, their families, the Feltner family, and both churches named in the article.