July 2016

What is Your Biggest Catch?

Visit the Farmer’s Market

Jesus is a treasure we should be willing to give our all to serve.

What’s In A Seed

God has given us eternal life and a testimony, along with gifts and talents, not to be overlooked, but to be reinvested back into His Kingdom. When we do, there are so many blessings that come and great things that are produced from them.

Trust the Product of Reaping

Jesus turned His focus from the reaping, and how the two types of growth came to exist, to sharing how reaping is going to bring about a vast distinction in what is done with the two products.

You won’t Know ‘Till you Throw

The message of the gospel was meant to be shared, and our gifts and talents do not advance the Kingdom unless we use them.

June 2016

Break Up the Dirt

Faith prepares someone to receive the seed and nourishment they need.

Do Not Try this at Home

Don’t try to handle problems only God can handle.

Deadbolts, Locks and Latches

Desiring the protection of God on our home, in our lives and in our hearts.

Use the Best Home Security

We need to have security in our homes that alerts us when danger is there. We need to have assurance that our homes are secure.

May 2016

A Firm Foundation

The “Design Your Dream Home” series continues as we complete Paul’s discussion on spirit-produced metal submission.