September 2016

Follow the Leader

There will always be major and minor influences on your life. There will also always be those who are looking to you to show them how to live and show them Who you serve.

Pick a Face

It is a strange thing to walk around with two faces, and three eyes and all of that, and yet Christians are accused of that all the time.

Never Saw It Coming

Often times God leads us down a new and unexpected path, and while we may try to predict the outcome it’s best to trust Him along the way.

Too Many Excuses

Gideon had way too many excuses of why he couldn’t or shouldn’t follow the Lord. We must always remember that we are following the One, True, and Living God who is able to hold us up and sustain us in whatever His path leads us to do.

August 2016

Learn Who to Trust!

When you have friends who constantly point you to Christ and to His Word, you will have God’s direction that you need.

08 21 16

That Would be My Choice

Rely on the Lord to guide us in decision making.  His choice may not be our choice, but He knows what is best for us and leads us to receive the greatest benefit.

08 14 16

The Struggle Is Real

Sometimes it takes a few stings in life before we learn the valuable lesson of the dangerous effects of sin. Sometimes we have to crash and pick up the pieces before we learn the way we ought to live.

It Will Be Different For Me

Whenever we recognize what we ought to do, or who we ought to be, God leads us and expects us to obey.