February 2017

Love What Lives

Before we can really learn to love one another, we need to learn how to best love God who loves us best.

God’s Unsurpassing Gift Of Grace

God’s gracious free gift in Christ triumphs over the power and problem of sin.

January 2017

What goes around, comes around

There is no room for hate in the church. Forgiveness should be freely offered. Investment in other believers is key to the future of the church.

Do You Know that You Know?

How you live will indicate who you know, what you know and will be the greatest commentary, or the biggest indictment, on where you will spend eternity.

Where Do You Walk?

You either walk with Jesus or you don’t, You are either on the straight and narrow, or you aren’t. you either live an abundant life, or you don’t. You are either bound in sin, or are free from sin.

What Are You Talking About

The Most Important Question Anyone Can Ask This New Year

When you think about it, there are literally thousands of vitally important life-changing questions that can be asked.

December 2016

You Can Find Praise

When we woke up each morning, we should praise God for the salvation that the birth of Jesus brought to us. When we think of God’s Messiah being born, we praise God that it was in that moment that light began to pierce the darkness around the world.

You Can Find Joy

What if Jesus, the eternal Son of God, born in a smelly manger, visited by lowly shepherds, had to grow up as a carpenter’s son was an outcast among His own family, and ultimately rejected by the very people He came to save, and forced to die in the cruelest form known to man, said, […]

You Can Find Jesus

Ancient prophecies of a coming Messiah and the knowledge that He came for us all to find our way to the Savior.