April 2017

What Do I Need?

Is God’s word working faithfully and freely in your life?

The Gospel

In order to have eternal life after you leave this earth, and on order to have a relationship with God now and forever, you must receive the message of hope by trusting in Jesus today!


Only Jesus can take what is broken and repair it.

God’s Design

Anytime we allow our sinful hands to effect God’s creation we are prone to mess it up, rather than improve it. Our only hope is to get back to the way which God has designed us to be.

March 2017

You Need To Believe

We must commit to and cling to our faith in Jesus Christ as we grow in all areas.

Let Me Show You How

1 John tells us to give our love to others and show our love to others the way God has done for us.

You Can Pass the Test

John encourages us as believers today to test the spirits, test our own spirit and then ask, “Did we pass?”

Practice Makes Perfect

Jesus’ simple command to love one another is a daily commitment.

February 2017

Act Like Children

As a child of God, we belong to God.

You can finish well

Saturate your mind in the Word of God and allow the spirit to continue teaching you as you grow.