July 2017

One Or The Other

Often times, whenever we make a choice about something, we have decided either one or the other. There are no real shades of grey in many things but rather one clear choice that comes with one clear result or consequence to that choice.

June 2017

Notice Anything Different?

Maybe like the people Joel prophesied to, you need God to bring some nourishment, healing, and Spiritual movement in your life.

From A Mess To A Message

He makes a way, when there is no other way!

Make Your Choices Count 06 11 17

The choices we make of who we have in our lives,what role they play and what kind of future we have must be choices that we take seriously, and that we make seriously.

Have a Humble Home

Placing others’ needs in front of our own will exalt Christ in our homes.

May 2017

Triumph through Perseverence 05 28 17

We, like Ruth, have a choice; surrender to hopelessness or persevere through tragedy and experience the wonderful provisions God has for us.

Be Better and Not Bitter

Seeing God in our troubles is a choice. Look to the arms that are always open.

Can Other’s See Your Faithfulness

In the Book of Ruth we are going to see ourselves within the context of our families and relationships for how we “really look.”

What Do They Need?

They need us to be who God has called us to be. They need us to be the church that reflects Christ well. They need us to do exactly what we’ve been called to do

April 2017

What Do We Need?

We need the constant and consistant flow of the Holy Spirit, in our church, worship services and our leaders.