November 2017

Use God’s Exchange Policy

We live in a hectic and fallen world. It is hard to live lives of peace, but God can exchange our anxieties for His peace.

Now Where Do I Go?

In our journey of life and our walk with Christ there will be times when you will need to put some things in the past and put new things in the future.

It’s Ok to Act Out

For All the Right Reasons

We may do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and we may do the right thing for the wrong reasons.  God’s help is needed to help us do the right things for the right reasons.

October 2017

Do I Have What it Takes?

One thing is true, if God is using you and if He is at work in you, He is good enough to make from your life exactly what you can be and should be for Him.

How Can I Help You?

We experience the most joy in life when we let one question roll off our tongues, “How can I help you?”

Finding Joy in the “What is”

Tragedies have a way of defining us if our perspective is off.  Instead of asking “What if?” ask “What is?.”

Practical Progress

The journey of life can be wrapped in joy first through a relationship with Jesus and then growing in faith becoming more Christ-like.

September 2017

Its Time To Go

The third message on our vision series. Engaging others intentionally in our church, community, and the continents.

It’s Time to Grow

Message two of our vision series reveals the ways God is leading TBC to grow in our walk with Him.