February 2018

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

The only method to holiness is through God himself. We must be willing to go through His process to become pleasing to Him.

January 2018

Home Security Systems

The two greatest institutions in the world, the Church and the Home, are to be filled with healthy, maturing Christians who are filled with the Spirit of the Living God.

Matters of the Heart

Today, you can learn how to walk through the process of checking your heart and expressing your heart for God to God.

He Deserves Our Best

God desires for everyone of His children to be completely devoted to Him and joyfully give their very best to Him because of all He has given for us.

What are You Talking About?

December 2017

Unwrapping the Gift of God’s Grace

Eternal Life

Jesus indeed made a long walk for us, not only down the road to Golgotha when He died on the cross, but when He left the glory of heaven to be born humbly in a manger in Bethlehem.

The World’s Light

God had a message to communicate and chose John the Baptist to clearly share that the World’s Light has now come.

The Word of Life

When God revealed His Son to the world 2000 years ago He made it crystal clear who His Son is, was and will forever be. Don’t miss the message.

Do You See What I See