September 2018

Know Your Role

This week we dive into James 2:1-13.

August 2018

Reflecting Jesus

  Today we begin a new series in the Book of James. We start with James 1:19-27

The Greatest Responsibility

Today we dive into Matthew 28:16-20

08 12 18

The Greatest Work

Today we look at John 14:8-14 as we encourage you to pray about who you might invite to TBC.

July 2018

Christmas in July

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus…in July. Luke 2:22-38

God’s Way Brings Blessings

Today, Guest preacher Tim Sadler dives into Deuteronomy 6.

What a Powerful Name it Is

Today we look into Colossians 1:15-23 to see the power in the name of Jesus.

What a Wonderful Name It Is

Today we take a look at Matthew 21:12-17

What a Beautiful Name it Is

Today we start a new series about the name of Jesus. Isaiah 53:1-12