April 2019

Jesus is the Sacrifice

800 years before Jesus, the prophet Isaiah tells about Jesus’s early life.Today we look at the sacrifice of Jesus as told in the prophetic word of Isaiah 53:1-12.

March 2019

Jesus is Our Model

Today we begin a new series leading to Easter. The message is taken from Matthew 16:21-28

A Chance Encounter

Philip has an encounter, the proof God has a plan. Acts 8:26-38

Everything or Nothing

Today the message come from Acts 16:11-34.


Today we look into Acts 8:1-24

The Best Business Meeting Ever

Today we see the formation of the deacon body from within the local church. Acts 6:1-6

February 2019

A Tale of Two Gifts: Sin Breaks the Unity of the New Testament Church

Today’s message come from Acts 4:32-5:11

A Call to Courage

Today we take a look into Acts 4:1-22.

The Spirit Moves into the World

Today we look into Acts 3 verses 1-10.

The Domino Effect

Today we look into Acts 2:42-47