October 2020

Friends Don’t Let Friends Die Lost – Pastor Pat Pajak 10 18 20

Todays message by Pastor Pat Pajak is taken from John 15:13-17.

December 2019

Before There Was, There Was

Former Senior Pastor of TBC, Pat Pajak, preaches from Matthew 13:34-35.

May 2019

Who’s Your One

Guest speaker and former Tabernacle Senior Pastor Pat Pajak brings a message on evangelism from Matthew 28:18-20.

April 2018

The Greatest of All Christian Values

In this message we will discover three vital principles in God’s Word will tell us exactly why the Apostle Paul declared of all the virtues that a Christian can live out, “the greatest of these is love.”

January 2017

The Most Important Question Anyone Can Ask This New Year

When you think about it, there are literally thousands of vitally important life-changing questions that can be asked.

December 2015

The Signs of a Healthy Church

The Signs of a Healthy Church 1. Scriptural Preaching                                      Acts 2:22-24 2. Is Full of Steadfast People                            Eph 4:14 3. Spiritual Power                                               Acts 2:43 4. Sincere Praise                                                 Acts 2:41-47