September 2018

So Much More than Good Works

Today we look into James 2:14-26.

Know Your Role

This week we dive into James 2:1-13.

August 2018

Reflecting Jesus

Today we begin a new series in the Book of James.
We start with James 1:19-27

August 2018

The Greatest Responsibility

Today we dive into Matthew 28:16-20

08 12 18

The Greatest Work

Today we look at John 14:8-14 as we encourage you to pray about who you might invite to TBC.

July 2018

Christmas in July

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus…in July.
Luke 2:22-38

July 2018

God’s Way Brings Blessings

Today, Guest preacher Tim Sadler dives into Deuteronomy 6.

July 2018

What a Powerful Name it Is

Today we look into Colossians 1:15-23 to see the power in the name of Jesus.

What a Wonderful Name It Is

Today we take a look at Matthew 21:12-17

What a Beautiful Name it Is

Today we start a new series about the name of Jesus.
Isaiah 53:1-12

June 2018

Christian Estate Planning

Today we look into being a good steward with what God has given us with special speaker Doug Morrow.
Matthew 25:14-30

June 2018

The Lord’s Supper

Today we look at I Corinthians 11:17-34 as we take the Lord’s Supper.

June 2018

Time for a Little R & R

In this message we take a look at Nehemiah 8 & 9.

Overcoming Fear with Faithfulness

Today we jump into Nehemiah 6:1-16

May 2018

Pressing Pause

In today’s message we dive into Nehemiah 5.

Surrounded on All Sides

This week we take a look at Nehemiah 4:1-23

Time to Get to Work

Nehemiah shows us in 2:17-20 that building on God’s foundation requires dedication and determination.

Waiting on God’s Timing

In the text today we see how Nehemiah was patient on God’s timing and through it God provided in a way no one could have imagined.

April 2018

Building on God’s Foundation

April 2018

For the Joy Set before Us

There is joy on the table available for our taking. Scripture has an answer to the question, “what do we do now?” “Where do we go from here?” “How do we handle this?” Hebrews 12:1-2 gives us insight as to how to.

April 2018

Faith of Giants

Even the strongest Christians have arrived at the point in their lives where they don’t always know what God is doing. Hebrews 11 gives us guidance as to what to do when we don’t know what God is doing.

April 2018

What Do You Find?

Are you surprised at what you find when you look into your life?

March 2018

How Concerned are You?

How concerned are you today with Jesus, with people that need Jesus and people that need to come to Jesus?

How Well Do You Know Him?

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ means we must be willing to remain faithful to Jesus, and not merely follow Him from a distance.

How Do You Want to Live?

Jesus shows the most important person is the only one who isn’t arguing about being important, but shows it as a servant….himself.

February 2018

To What Do You Pay Attention?

In this new series we will discover how to want what you need.

February 2018

Know the Blessing

Church, we are running out of time to make a spiritual impact in our area of influence.  We need to have passion and conviction about carrying the message of the Gospel to those around us today!

Is My Faith Full

Many times it doesn’t take much for us to loose our focus on being faithful to God.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

The only method to holiness is through God himself. We must be willing to go through His process to become pleasing to Him.

January 2018

Home Security Systems

The two greatest institutions in the world, the Church and the Home, are to be filled with healthy, maturing Christians who are filled with the Spirit of the Living God.

Matters of the Heart

Today, you can learn how to walk through the process of checking your heart and expressing your heart for God to God.

He Deserves Our Best

God desires for everyone of His children to be completely devoted to Him and joyfully give their very best to Him because of all He has given for us.

What are You Talking About?

December 2017

Unwrapping the Gift of God’s Grace

December 2017

Eternal Life

Jesus indeed made a long walk for us, not only down the road to Golgotha when He died on the cross, but when He left the glory of heaven to be born humbly in a manger in Bethlehem.

The World’s Light

God had a message to communicate and chose John the Baptist to clearly share that the World’s Light has now come.

The Word of Life

When God revealed His Son to the world 2000 years ago He made it crystal clear who His Son is, was and will forever be. Don’t miss the message.

December 2017

Do You See What I See

November 2017

Use God’s Exchange Policy

We live in a hectic and fallen world. It is hard to live lives of peace, but God can exchange our anxieties for His peace.

Now Where Do I Go?

In our journey of life and our walk with Christ there will be times when you will need to put some things in the past and put new things in the future.

It’s Ok to Act Out

For All the Right Reasons

We may do the wrong thing for the wrong reasons and we may do the right thing for the wrong reasons.  God’s help is needed to help us do the right things for the right reasons.

October 2017

Do I Have What it Takes?

One thing is true, if God is using you and if He is at work in you, He is good enough to make from your life exactly what you can be and should be for Him.

How Can I Help You?

We experience the most joy in life when we let one question roll off our tongues, “How can I help you?”

Finding Joy in the “What is”

Tragedies have a way of defining us if our perspective is off.  Instead of asking “What if?” ask “What is?.”

Practical Progress

The journey of life can be wrapped in joy first through a relationship with Jesus and then growing in faith becoming more Christ-like.